About Me

I am currently a Year 2 undergraduate student in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology under the Computer Engineering program.

I was deeply fascinated with computers from a young age, mainly at their ability to perform everyday tasks such as sending a message or calculating the result of a mathematical expression in the blink of an eye. This motivated me to try to learn programming at a young age - I bought an introductory book called "C++ Programming in Easy Steps (4th Edition)" by Mike McGrath when I was about 12. Unfortunately I was not able to make any progress back then because I couldn't even get the compiler properly installed on my Windows desktop. Nevertheless, compulsory IT courses offered in CSS during the first two years of my secondary education allowed me to learn simple programming-related concepts through the visual programming language Scratch.

My major breakthrough occurred when I joined an extra-curricular activity called "Web and App Development" provided by BSD Academy in Kellett School when I was in Year 10. Through that 12-hour course (2 hours per session spread through 6 weeks), I learned how to design simple websites using the core Web technologies, namely HTML, CSS and JS. This rekindled my interest in computer programming and I spent a lot of my spare time designing simple web pages and widgets as a result.

After freestyling for about a year in writing simple webpages and games using HTML+CSS+JS, I stumbled upon Codewars which is a site for programmers/developers of all types and abilities to train on their programming skills and become a better programmer. I was immediately in love with it and became addicted to solving challenge upon challenge on that website. As a direct result, my programming and problem-solving skills skyrocketed to what it is today. My focus has also gradually shifted from web design to more generic problem-solving through writing programs and designing simple algorithms; however, I still specialize in Web Development - if you want a simple personal/commercial website designed, feel free to contact me through my contact form ;)