About Me

I am currently a Year 2 Computer Science and Engineering major in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

I started out as a Web Developer near the end of Year 10 in Kellett School BISHK having taken a 12-hour course provided by BSD Education (formerly known as BSD Academy) on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (popular web technologies). Since then, I fell in love with coding and developed countless toy projects and browser mini-games as well as designing simple websites both for my clients and myself which can be found on GitHub. I also expanded my knowledge on Web Development, and later, general programming by surfing the Internet and training on Codewars kata. Coupled with my strong mathematical background, it soon became clear to me that Computer Science was the perfect major.

After my admission in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as an Engineering major, I continued to hone in on my programming skills by taking an introductory Java programming course, as well as exploring various other programming languages such as Haskell in my spare time. I was admitted into the Computer Engineering program as a result by the end of my first year, which was nearly what I wanted.

In order to enter my dream major, I went the extra mile and took a few core Computer Science courses in the first half of my second academic year, including an accelerated, intensive course on C++ programming and a discrete mathematics course fundamental to many Computer Science courses later on. Consequently, I was officially admitted to the Computer Science and Engineering department by the end of this academic term.

My current interests in the field of Computer Science are functional programming, logic-based programming and computer-assisted proofs which are deeply tied to the field of mathematics and philosophy. I aspire to specialize in Theoretical Computer Science by the end of my 4-year degree.